15 Healthy Gifts for Under $20Gifts are one way we show love and appreciation. You want to give good gifts this year. Gifts that will benefit the recipient and enrich their life—not just random stuff off the special displays designed to draw you in and take your money. Here are 15 different healthy gifts; you can find each one for under $20.

Every product and idea I have listed is here because I think it’s a great gift. A couple of the links are affiliate links which means I receive a small commission from sales of certain items, but the price is the same for you.

Less than $5

I often buy a bunch of these gifts so I have them on hand when I realize at 10 p.m. Saturday night that my kids should bring a gift to their Sunday School teacher in the morning. Teachers, babysitters, service personnel (mail carriers, dog groomers, etc) don’t necessarily require gifts, but they are a nice gesture. This depends on your overall gift budget. (You do have one, right? If not, click here.) These gifts benefit from the presentation. If it is from your child to their teacher a handwritten card or drawing from them adds to the value of the gift.

Lip Balm

I can never have enough lip balm. How about you? I keep one by my desk, one in my purse, one by my bed, etc. Your skin needs to be protected and moisturized—especially in the dry, winter months. I look for products without any formaldehyde or parabens (both of which have been linked to cancer and readily absorb through your skin.)

One lip balm I’m loving right now is the Mint and Argon Lip Balm from Grove Collaborative. (Have you heard of them? I love them. They have all the healthy, natural cleaning, and personal care products you need!) This lip balm is not all wax and surface stuff. It is deeply hydrating and ultra-nourishing. With organic argan, chia seed, and coconut oil, it provides a powerful dose of antioxidants and essential fatty acids for healthy, beautiful lips.


One of the great things about tea is how easy it is to dress up the package. Slipping one bag into a card? Put a cute saying with it. (Lots of inspiration over here.) Giving it with a mug? Your options are limitless! Of course, tea also has other benefits. You can find some that are healing, energizing, relaxing, or even for detox. (I wouldn’t recommend a detox one for a gift, though. You don’t want the recipient to feel insulted.)

Bath Fizzies (aka Bath Bombs)

Give the gift of relaxation and pampering in a tiny, but powerful, package. Drop one of these into your warm bath and get ready for fun fizzing and heavenly scents. These often contain luxurious body butters to leave your skin moisturized. Of course, please be careful as these can also make your tub slippery. If you are feeling crafty, these are fairly easy to make (so I’ve heard) or you can buy them ready for gifting.


Less than $10

Hard Lotion

I love keeping a small thing of lotion in my purse and this is perfect. These come in a tube kind of like a big chapstick. A little goes a long way which is ideal when you’re on the go. I love the ones from Goat Milk Stuff. In fact, I love a lot of things over there! They have lovely soaps, great bath fizzies, lip balms, and more. Their soap was a lifesaver when Daniel had his eczema.

Essential Oils

The possibilities are endless for giving essential oils. Last year, my boys and I made small air-dry clay diffusers and put them on some cord. (I used this tutorial.) These could be a necklace or placed in a small room like a bathroom or closet. We gave each gift with a small bottle of essential oil.

Here again, you want to be giving a gift that doesn’t point fingers but rather lifts someone up. (So don’t be giving “Cellulite” or “Gal Pal.” Look instead for Relaxation, Joy, Hope, Uplift, etc.) Many of the small sizes can be found for around $6 from Edens Garden, but don’t let the cost fool you into thinking they are not good quality. You know I’m a stickler for quality. Edens Garden’s essential oils never include additives, bases, fillers or synthetics and they made all GC/MS results available long before the two big network marketing essential oil companies.


Holistic health also includes spiritual health. If you are buying gifts for any families with kids less than ten years old, I highly recommend the Slugs & Bugs albums. The kids will love the songs and the parents won’t mind listening to the songs over and over in the van. You can download the albums over here or buy the discs* on Amazon if you want your free Prime shipping but even with the extra S&H on the Slugs & Bugs site, they beat Amazon’s price! (*only the download option can get you the music for less than $10.)

Journal and Pen

Did you catch my Livestream about how to achieve better health through the simple art of journaling? If you missed it, you can catch the replay right here. This is a gift I buy anytime during the year and keep available as it is a good gift for anyone. I prefer to buy the 3-pack of plain Moleskine Cahiers from Target. They are plain brown and perfect for a decorative strip of washi tape. Choose a washi tape that fits the person or the season.

If you’re giving this to a child, a box of crayons can go with it. If you are giving it to an adult, a fun pen or two is perfect to include. A package of colorful pens and a pack of notebooks will run you a little over $10, but then you get to divide those packages amongst three people, so each gift is still less than $10.

Less than $15

A New Book

Books are great for those you know love to read or an audiobook is great for someone with a long commute. You want to select a book that doesn’t gather dust on their “to-be-read” pile, but that they start skimming even as others around them open gifts! One I love for this purpose is Rushing Woman’s Syndrome by Dr. Libby Weaver. She so perfectly explains how women today just go-go-go and the effects that has on our bodies. More importantly, she gives simple and practical ways to heal.

At Home Manicure

As a busy mom, I never take the time to sit and paint my nails and then wait for them to dry. How about you? Nail strips are a perfect answer and great gift! That woman who doesn’t have time to let her nails dry might love these as a gift.

Some people love Jamberry, but they still didn’t work on my funny shaped nails and when I picked them off (I know, I wasn’t supposed to) they ruined my nails. (Yes, totally my fault.) That’s why I was so excited to try the new Color Street nails. These are real nail polish! They don’t need heat or fancy tools. By using the strips, you are not breathing in all the toxic fumes and getting the regular polish chemicals on your skin. Not only that, but they are made without formaldehyde, toluene, or parabens! WooHoo! Beauty that is fast, simple, and so much healthier than the other options!


Is it just me, or does everyone love new kitchen gadgets? A spiralizer is like a toy for your kitchen. Sure, you could julienne slice all those root veggies and squash, but isn’t it more fun to have spiralized “noodles”? Fun food means (hopefully) even the picky eaters will try the veggies on their plate. Some spiralizers are more spendy, but you can find several for less than $15 on Amazon.

Inspiring Jewelry

Jewelry is a gift that inspires or motivates every day! I love browsing the handmade (and often custom made) bracelets on Etsy. I think my favorite one (today at least) is one with a reminder to “be here.” To be present and in the moment with your kids or others is a beautiful gift in and of itself and I love the simple but beautiful reminder of this.

Less than $20

Facial or Spa

I don’t know about you, but my favorite time to use a facial scrub or mask is in my own bathtub after the kids are in bed. I don’t need to go to a spa (although I won’t refuse!). My favorite mask is the Nutritious Crème Masque from Sensé.™  It is a luscious skin treatment rich in vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts to detoxify pores and intensely nourish your complexion. Like my other favorite products, it contains NO added chemical preservatives.

Fun Cleaning Supplies

I love quality products that make my life easier. Norwex products definitely fit that description! I’ve bought a bunch of microfiber over the years, but these beat it all. As a bonus, you can clean without filling the environment in your house with toxins. Here’s a gift that has to be given with care. You don’t want someone to think that you believe their house is a mess. 😉 In my family at least, these amazing cleaning products can be given to moms, siblings, aunts, and cousins—all people who would love the gift and not feel insulted. I love the microfiber variety pack because it’s three cloths for less than $20 and the small size is perfect for my boys as they do chores.

Water Bottle

If you have caught any of my Livestreams over on Facebook, you will have noticed two reoccurring themes. To achieve optimal health, you need sleep and water. Any water bottle will work (you’ve seen my low-key quart mason jar, right?) but a fun water bottle can increase someone’s likelihood to carry it with them and use it. I could link to one, but there are so many choices for less than $20 that it’s too hard to pick. Look for one that is glass or stainless steel.


Here is another gift to draw someone in and get passed around the room even before the rest of the gifts are opened. Again, the possibilities are endless. Go with the one that fits the general dietary preferences of the recipient. I love Danielle Walker’s books for anyone who wants to eat more plants, is gluten free, grain free, or paleo. The photography is mouthwatering (that’s why we look at cookbooks, right? For the pictures?) and the recipes are delicious.

To be present is a beautiful gift.Priceless

Coupon for Your Time

The gift of your time and presence is so special. It might not look like much under the tree, but the memories of these precious times will last much longer than anything else. You know what your loved ones would treasure the most. Is it a game night? Is it a walk outside? Is it building a snowman together? Is it a massage? Give the gift of your time and then remember to be fully present when that coupon is redeemed.

Customize Your Gifts

I’m not referring to customizing by including someone’s name, but rather customize your gift to fit their love language. For some of your loved ones, they might feel your love more if you express it in their language. Gary Chapman wrote a book outlining five different languages including words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. You can read more and even take a quiz here to find out your personal love language.

More Ideas?

This list is by no means exhaustive. What other healthy gifts have you given, received, or thought of? Leave them in the comments below.