March 2017

True Healthcare versus Sickcare

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Healthcare frustration I was working 36-hours in the Emergency Department (ER) every weekend. I loved my job. Each weekend my care impacted many people and saved lives. The critical patients, those who needed immediate life-saving action, were the reason I was there. However, most of the patients were not critical but were instead suffering from chronic issues or preventable illness. "Healthcare" in the USA is actually "sickcare." We excel at validating someone's illness. We do very poorly at [...]

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3 Ways to Achieve Your Health Goals

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You get what you focus on. Can you be a Disney Princess? Well, short of obtaining a job where you dress up as one, you might not be able to obtain every goal you focus on, however, let's explore this a little. Your brain receives millions of messages every second, but can only process about 130 per second. The pinkie-sized Reticular Activating System (RAS) in your brain decides what to focus on and what messages to ignore. It filters [...]

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