December 2017

Intuitively create incredible results

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NOT a New Year's Resolution Let's not talk about New Year's resolutions. K? For most people, they are a distant memory by February. That is not what you want. Let's talk about setting ourselves up to win! Let's talk about creating goals that are in line with your purpose and achieving them. You can set these goals at the start of a new year, but create them in a way that won't fade in two weeks. :) Your [...]

Stay Healthy While Traveling

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Before You Leave: Boost your immune system. Before you leave, you want your immune system strong and ready for the extra challenges brought on by traveling. Sleep I know you are excited about the trip, trying to get a lot done in preparation for it, and packing, but getting plenty of sleep is vital. It is while you sleep that your body renews itself and repairs damage. Sugar I once heard a mom of eight kids say that [...]

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