Merry Christmas 2021

Merry Christmas! What a year 2021 has been! The year has had changes and challenges but has overall been a good one for our family. As we celebrate Jesus’ birth, there are new holes in our gatherings, but we pray that you are comforted by the everlasting hope and peace that we can have through Jesus.

This summer Jon and the boys worked hard on a pumpkin patch. With their harvest, they opened “Yunkin’s Punkins.” They donated 50% of the sales to Operation Homefront and the local food shelf.

This school year brought some BIG changes. All four kids are now doing different things. Two are attending the Minnesota New Country School (MNCS) and two are at home.

Joshua, 14, 9th

Homeschooling during the high school years is a great fit for Joshua since he can read a ton and still finish his school day quickly. His curriculum this year includes reading and studying the entire Old Testament as a portion of his history lessons. He enjoys the biography books that he has to read for school but really loves fiction. He reads about 6+ novels per week on top of his school work. He enjoyed joining the MNCS Jr. High Knowledge Bowl where his team advanced to the regional tournament and placed 6th. (There is no state tournament for Jr High or he would have advanced to state.)

Caleb, 12, 7th

Project-based learning at the MNCS high school is a great fit for Caleb. Some things that drew him to this school were the 3D printer, shop, and pottery wheel. He has enjoyed the “Experience Friday” outings. As part of these experiences, and through the shop at school, he has made glass decorations, pottery, wooden Minecraft replica pieces, and even a small working forge! 

Matthew, 10, 5th

Matthew absolutely loves being surrounded by new friends at MNCS. His favorite parts of each day are the bus ride and recess/PE–because of the activity but mostly because of the chance to interact with his friends. He kept busy with his mowing business over the summer and looks forward to big snowfalls so that he can shovel, plow, and use the snowblower.

Daniel, 8, 2nd

Daniel is excelling in his homeschool environment. He is a puzzle master and can often be found putting together his next 500 – 1,000 piece puzzle. He also loves playing games—on the Xbox, board/card games, and especially active games with his dad and brothers.


Jon loves working outside on our property. Being outside, in nature is his happy place, and when there are deer, turkeys, and other wildlife, he is even happier. He creates an amazing atmosphere within the home for the boys. Each evening is filled with shouts and laughter as the five guys play games. Whole-house dart-wars and laser tag are just as frequent as indoor ball games but they occasionally play a board game or cards. He’s still working in the local hospital as an RN. Like most healthcare workers, he is frustrated with some aspects of the pandemic, but overall nursing is still a rewarding profession.


Esther stays busy with two businesses, homeschooling two boys, and volunteering at church. She is grateful to be out of the hospital helping her clients and customers find the best path forward to better health. Early in the year, she developed an app-based program for her holistic health clients. This spring, she partnered with a company that provides better quality supplements and products than she’s ever found before. She is grateful to have a chance to impact so many lives and families.