Do you believe these 3 detox myths?

Do You Believe These 3 Detox Myths?

Perhaps you are struggling with chronic problems like pain, migraines, or fatigue and someone mentioned that a detox might help. Or maybe you are trying to release some weight (not lose–that would imply it can be found again!) and stumbled across a detox.


A detox is excessive; just exercise and eat right.

We’ve been told since childhood that the keys to a healthy life are diet and exercise.

This is a myth.

A healthy diet and staying active are great! They are components of a healthy life. But they are not enough by themselves. Afterall, you are more than what you eat.

The world around us is filled with toxins. From the chemicals we breathe (pollution, cleaning products, chemical fragrances, etc) to the negativity on our screens to the insidious addition of sugar to most of our foods, we are surrounded by toxins. A detox is a chance to give yourself a break and clear some of them out of your body, mind, and spirit.

Let’s look at the word itself: de·tox. 

The “de” is from Latin and means to remove, separate from, or reverse. 

The “tox” refers to a toxin or poison.

Thus, a detox in the truest sense is the removal of toxins from your life

You are more than what you eat.FALSE: The keys to a healthy life are diet and exercise.

TRUE: Diet and exercise do not address the health of you as a whole person, nor do they give you a break from toxins. You are more than what you eat.

I don’t have time.

I spoke to a friend at church the other day and mentioned I was leading a detox soon. Her eyes lit up and she was immediately interested. Then, just as fast, her face fell, “I don’t have time for a detox.”

Is this your reaction as well? Do you believe a detox will take too much time? I know there are some detoxes out there that do take a lot of time. But the type of detox I’m talking about is a Holistic Detox and doesn’t fall into that category.

I understand busy. I am a wife and mom. I homeschool my four boys. They are in pre-school, first, third, and fifth grades. I help out on Sundays and Wednesdays at church. I have my Holistic Health Coaching business. I also still pick up an occasional shift in the Emergency Department as a Registered Nurse. I understand busy.

You are busy, too! Your busy might not be the same as my busy, but you still wake up in the morning with a lot on your plate and fall into bed at night already knowing the next day will be full as well. You don’t want to commit to something that will take up more precious time.

I understand that so very well. I don’t want to either.

The thing about a Holistic Detox is that it actually frees up time.

What?! How?

One of the things I will choose to give up during my next 28-day detox is one of my biggest time-sucks. No, I’m not giving up my phone. However, I will delete the games off of it.

So very often, I fill up the spaces in my day with a “quick” game which then turns into 10-15 minutes of mindless screen time. I am worst about this at bedtime. I climb into my bed with my Bible, journal, pen, a book, and my phone. I flip on a “quick” game and waste time I could be using to read and write. Guess what. I fritter away those precious moments I have alone at night when I could be filling my mind with great things. I still read and write, but not as much as if I would have had I not turned on the phone.

(Sidenote: phones next to your bed are pretty bad for your cell health. It’s best to park your phone somewhere else. I often move my phone away from my bed when I turn out my light.)

FALSE: I don’t have time for a detox.

TRUE: A detox can create more time and meaning in your day.

A detox is too expensive.

What is expensive? What does that mean to you? Is a detox expensive?

My friend Mary* struggled every day. She missed a lot of work, and without sick-pay, this was expensive. Even more than that, Mary loved to be active in the world around her. Although she had been to multiple doctors and specialists, she still was not able to take walks and hikes outside. Frequently, Mary was trapped in her house. Even more than money, this loss of nature was very costly to her. (*not her real name.)

Mary looked at the options for my holistic detox. She weighed the differences between the deluxe pack and the introductory pack. Because she had already tried so many remedies (without success) she knew that the deluxe kit was a better fit for her. She knew her body, mind, and environment all needed help. Mary wanted nature back in her life like it had been before she got sick. She wanted (and needed) to be able to work and earn a paycheck. Mary embraced the deluxe kit and jumped into the holistic detox with both feet. [Click here to sign up for my free webinar 2/22/18 for more about my holistic detox.]

Missing out on living life is too expensive.Mary had great results with the holistic detox. After just the first week she called me to exclaim, “this is amazing!” She’s now enjoying the great outdoors and is able to work without all those sick days.

FALSE: A detox is too expensive.

TRUE: Missing out on living life is too expensive.

Conclusion: Don’t fall victim to the myths.

There are five pillars which make up the Whole You: Body, Mind, Spirit, Environment, and Diet. Each one of those pillars is vital for the Whole You.

Your overall health cannot be dependent upon how you exercise or what you eat.

The price tag of making it through each day, sick and tired, is steep.

You don’t have time to waste.

Thankfully, a holistic detox can help!

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3 Myths about detox

Do you believe these 3 detox myths?
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