A Lifestyle Program for The Whole You

Abundant Energy for the Weary Mom

Discover how to live a life with a reservoir of natural energy so that you can experience each day fully and make a positive impact on those you love.

The Holistic Reboot is your 6-week simple path to health!

In the last few weeks have you felt:

  • Unable to focus?
  • Irrationally irritable?
  • Demotivated?
  • Drained?
  • Weary?

Do you:

  • “Zone out” when you want to be fully present?
  • Find that your “fuse” is too short and you yell at your kids?
  • Have difficulty losing weight?
  • Have trouble sleeping even though you are exhausted?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, this program was designed to help you.

Hello, I am Esther.

I am an RN, Holistic Health Coach, and homeschooling mom to four very active boys. I understand busy and I 100% understand feeling exhausted.

It is my mission to help women who feel broken, exhausted, and wanting more. I help them discover simple and attainable solutions to create wholeness, energy, health, and peace. I believe in keeping whole health practical so that moms can create a simple path to health.

I took the winning principles of my successful private coaching and put them into this program which is designed to be accessible for everyone. Now you can transform your health even if you cannot afford my 1:1 program. This was made for you.

Esther Yunkin, RN seated on floor, leaning on couch, smiling at camera

Your energy is like a bank.

You can make deposits with things like refreshing sleep and nutritious food. And there are things that deplete your energy. Just a few of the common “energy suckers” include:

  • Stress
  • Overwhelm
  • Clutter
  • Disorganization
  • Negative self-talk
  • Executive function for the family
  • Caffeine
  • Wasting time
  • Sugar
  • Staying up late
  • Chasing the ghost of productivity

For each of these, there are several solutions. But that leads to an even bigger problem: constantly chasing answers and solutions without finding lasting energy.

That’s why I created the program Abundant Energy for the Weary Mom. As a busy homeschooling mom of 4-boys, I believe in keeping whole health practical so that moms can create a simple path to health.


[weer-ee] adjective

physically or mentally exhausted

fatigued, tired, spent, bone-tired, burned out, spent, ready to drop

The Abundant Energy for the Weary Mom Program is my system for exhausted moms to regain energy.


Abundant Energy for the Weary Mom

  • A solution that works
  • Discover how to live a life with a reservoir of natural energy
  • Experience each day fully and make a positive impact on your family
  • Create long-lasting habits
  • Support and encouragement
  • Gain fast results that stick
  • Become a better, more present mom
  • Model a lifestyle you want to pass down to your kids
  • Create better health

Is this program right for me?

Let’s start out with what this program is not. It is:

  • NOT overwhelming
    • Designed to take just minutes a day
    • Builds on itself in a logical order
  • NOT time-consuming
    • Just minutes a day
  • NOT delayed results
    • Immediate results that grow over time
  • NOT expensive
    • Accessible for every budget
  • NOT a quick-fix that will fail you over time.
    • You will learn and implement changes gradually so that they stick.
    • 6-months long to help you build lasting change
  • This is NOT a program that teaches theory or “might work” stuff.
    • This IS a proven complete system that shows you how to improve and manage your energy holistically in a maintainable system

Watch the video below to discover what the program IS.

Note: The name of the program has been updated to better reflect the contents. You will hear the old title “Holistic Health and Renewed Energy Program” in the video. The name of this program is “Abundant Energy for the Weary Mom.”


  • Guidance and teaching through video and text
  • Encouragement
  • A simple, user-friendly app
  • Simple & fast daily accountability
  • Health tracking
  • Private messaging
  • 2-Weeks devoted to each small habit
  • Healthier strategies for stress, diet, sleep, gut health, and more
  • ZERO social media components
  • Support 💜

The small changes I’ve made have been the biggest successes for me.

Client SW

 I like how easy the app has been to use.

Beta User KD

I love how simple the habits are to incorporate into the day. They don’t require a ton of time and mental energy to accomplish, yet they are impactful.

Beta Tester BZ

Thanks for the encouragement!

Beta Tester SS

I love the gentle accountability of the app. It’s enough to bring the habit to front of mind and keep me on track, but not annoying.

Beta Tester BZ

I love that this is not a social media-based program.

Beta User KD

Options for Every Budget

This program is designed to fit into every budget (your time budget and your financial budget.)

  • Option A: Join the 6-month program with monthly payments of $47
  • Option B: Join the 6-month program with one payment of $235 (get one month free)
  • Virtual VIP: Add monthly virtual coaching visits to your package for $997

Click the description/image below to sign up at the level that will best meet your needs.