Does Disease Begin in Your Gut?

What Is Gut-Health? There has been lots of talk recently about what has become known as “gut-health.” Wait. Recently? More than 2,000 years ago, Hippocrates — the father of modern medicine — suggested that all [...]

Late Night Cravings: How to Stop Evening Snacking

Late Night Cravings: How to Stop Evening Snacking Do you find yourself eating in the evenings even though you know you’re not really hungry? Nighttime eating is a major culprit for extra calories and weight [...]

Habits to Change Your Heart and Health

Habits to Change Your Heart and Health Books have the power to change your life for less than $20 and a bit of time. Your habits shape your day, your schedule, your reactions, and your [...]

How to Count Calories to Lose Weight

How to Count Calories to Lose Weight What we eat matters for our weight and overall health. How many calories we eat makes a difference. You cannot live a sedentary life, eat massive amounts of [...]

How Can I Eat Healthy?

Back to the Basics How to eat healthy is easily one of the most overwhelming questions you can ask Google. There are so many different theories and trains of thought on this topic. Everyone thinks [...]

Holistic Energy Tips for Exhausted Moms

Tired, Exhausted, and Looking for Healthy, Holistic Energy There are almost 30 million posts on Instagram tagged #tired. Almost 200K are describing #tiredmom. As a generation of mothers, we are tired. We are running on fumes. [...]

Do You Want to Get Better?

Many women I talk to dream about losing some weight. They long for more energy. They desire to be healthy role models for their kids. All of these are possible. The question is: Do you want to get better?

Healthy Gifts for Families

Gift Ideas for Healthy Families One of the 5-Love Languages is gift giving. Some people are naturally very good at giving gifts—they see perfect gifts wherever they look. Others of us need help. If you [...]

Boost Your Happiness by Giving Thanks

Boost your happiness by giving thanks What would you rate your happiness right now? If you had to pick a number between 0 (super depressed) and 10 (ecstatic) what would you give your happiness? What [...]

Why do I always feel hungry?

Why am I always hungry? (Even after I eat!) "Why am I always hungry?" It's a common concern along with its corollary, "I eat all the time." These can be frustrating issues when you [...]

How Can I Drink More Water? 6 Tips.

How Can I Drink More Water? 6 Tips. Water is life-giving and very important. Last week's blog post covered many of the reasons why it is important to drink enough water. Here are 6 tips [...]

Is drinking water really that important?

Is Drinking Water Really That Important? Our bodies need plenty of water to be able to function properly, which isn’t too surprising when you consider that so much of it is made up of water. [...]

7 Scrumptious & Nutritious Breakfast Foods

If you’re looking to make simple and consistent changes in your lifestyle, a healthy + filling breakfast is a fantastic place to start. Last week, we talked about why breakfast is important. If you missed [...]

Holistic Weight Loss Solutions

Holistic Weight Loss Solutions “Diet and exercise, diet and exercise, diet and exercise.” STOP! Just stop. There is so much more to YOU than what you eat and what you do. Why should your weight [...]

How Food Can Affect More Than Your Weight

How Food Can Affect More Than Your Weight It's easy to think of food as it relates to your weight and energy, but did you know that what you eat can affect many areas of [...]

Why you aren’t losing weight after 30

Why you aren’t losing weight after 30 It is a sad day when we have a realization that our weight doesn’t drop off as easily as it once did. For most women, this happens in [...]

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