December 2020

Breathing Through Burnout

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Breathing Through Burnout "I Cannot Do This Anymore!" Have you said this? Do you feel this way? If so, you might have burnout. There are many more symptoms, but essentially it is the feeling of not having anything left for the job/role you are in. In this video I will teach you a simple breathing technique to help the symptoms of burnout. Breathing this way can also reduce anxiety, depression, and stress (which are all associated [...]

November 2020

4 Simple Strategies for Lowering Anxiety During “Uncertain Times”

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4 Simple Strategies for Lowering Anxiety During "Uncertain Times" On election day, my kids and I talked about fear and how it is used for motivation. I told my kids that one of the fastest ways to get an action out of someone is to make them afraid or angry. Next, we talked about election advertisements and the news. Finally, we talked about our unchanging God. We recited verses about fear and peace like Joshua 1:9 [...]

September 2020

What autumn means for your health

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What Autumn Means for Your Health It's time to resume your vitamin D supplementation.  Do you live north of the 41st parallel? Or in terms that I, a geographically inept person, can understand: Do you live north of Chicago? If so, it's time to resume your vitamin D supplementation. Because from now until spring, you cannot make enough vitamin D from natural sunlight. What is Vitamin D Good [...]

August 2020

Simple Ways to Lower Your Stress Hormone

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Simple Ways to Lower Your Stress Hormone Cortisol Cortisol is natural, but too much is not a good thing! Whenever you are under stress, your body releases the main stress hormone, called “cortisol.”  When your body is functioning optimally, cortisol is naturally high in the morning to get you going, and slowly fades during the day so you can sleep.  Did you know that too-high levels of cortisol are associated with belly fat, poor sleep, brain fog, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and [...]

July 2020

Tips for Starting Homeschooling: Stop the Overwhelm

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Stop the Overwhelm: Tips for Starting to Homeschool Excitement and then OVERWHELM! When my husband and I decided to homeschool our kids, it seemed like a good choice. We were both content with the decision. And then the overwhelm hit. First I had to pick out which curriculum to use. But wait! Before I could decide on a curriculum, I discovered there were so many types of homeschool philosophy: Charlotte Mason, unschool, unit studies, workbook based, Classical, etc. [...]

June 2020

“I don’t have enough patience to homeschool” and other truths

By |2020-07-07T17:33:58-05:00June 23rd, 2020|Categories: Uncategorized|

Can You Homeschool? The big 3 obstacles: I don’t have enough patience, I don’t have enough time, and I don’t know enough to homeschool. I don’t have enough patience to homeschool. Living with humans is hard. There is no getting around it. Raising little humans requires more patience than I have (or want to extend) some days. When my kids are home all day, this means we obviously spend more time together. This can be hard. It [...]

April 2019

Natural Ways to Help Spring Allergies

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Natural Ways to Feel Better When You Struggle with Spring AllergiesThe daffodils are springing from the ground, and the sunshine is feeling a bit warmer with each passing day. Depending on where you live, you might even already be getting a touch of spring fever in the form of seasonal allergies. Here come itchy, watery eyes and relentless bouts of sneezing. Do you suffer from spring allergies? Leave me a comment below if you dread the pollen. I [...]

Why am I so bloated?

By |2019-04-16T20:52:37-05:00April 16th, 2019|Categories: Uncategorized|

Why am I so bloated? Some foods make us bloated. A few of them are pretty notorious. Like beans. Did you grow up singing some variation of this song? Beans, beans, good for your heart The more you eat, the more you fart The more you fart, the better you feel So let's eat beans for every meal! One reason you might be bloated is because the foods you put in your mouth do not break down right [...]

Is My Poop Normal? How to Find out Plus 7 Simple Tips to Fix It.

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Is My Poop Normal? How to Find out Plus 7 Simple Tips to Fix It. Your poop matters. Yes, I'm serious! (And don't you sometimes wonder about yours?) You already know that your poop can reflect your physical, and sometimes even emotional, health. You may get constipation or have diarrhea when you eat something that "doesn't agree with you," or when you're super-nervous about something. One of my friends said she was a "stress pooper." When she was [...]

Does Disease Begin in Your Gut?

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What Is Gut-Health? There has been lots of talk recently about what has become known as “gut-health.” Wait. Recently? More than 2,000 years ago, Hippocrates — the father of modern medicine — suggested that all disease begins in the gut. But does it? And what is gut health? Hidden within the walls of your digestive system is what is known as “your second brain.” This “brain in your gut” is changing the way that we look at the links [...]


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