September 2020

Top 3 Homeschooling tips for September

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Top 3 Homeschooling Tips for September These three homeschooling tips from mom-of-four (boys!) and 9-year veteran homeschool teacher will help you start the year well. They're all here, in this super fast video. Summary: Homeschool Tip #1: You do you. This is YOUR journey. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, the blogosphere, ebooks and more all have great ideas. But I give you freedom right now to do what works for your [...]

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March 2020

How Do I Do School at Home?

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I hear your big question, "How do I do school at home?" Before we dive into that, let me welcome you into this experience of learning at home. I have been homeschooling my four-boys since the beginning. My eldest is now in 7th grade. My youngest is in kindergarten. I have homeschooled while working full-time in the Emergency Department, while starting a business from home, while working from home, and with babies/toddlers in the mix. I understand. [...]

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March 2019

10 Spring Cleaning Hacks That Will Save You Time and Energy

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10 Spring Cleaning Hacks That Will Save You Time and Energy Ahh spring. Fresh air delights our senses. Bright green leaves and buds start popping out all over. And the urge to make our home a sanctuary of peace and life hits anew. Spring is a season of fresh starts and our houses need the airing out and clean feeling that is in the rest of the world. Back in the days of the pioneer women, spring was [...]

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January 2019

Holistic Energy Tips for Exhausted Moms

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Tired, Exhausted, and Looking for Healthy, Holistic Energy There are almost 30 million posts on Instagram tagged #tired. Almost 200K are describing #tiredmom. As a generation of mothers, we are tired. We are running on fumes. We are exhausted. We need more energy and it needs to be real. No chemicals or temporary fixes. Tired. Exhausted. Dragging. Does that describe you? You need holistic energy tips that work and I've got a bunch for you. These are tips that are [...]

December 2018

Healthy Gifts for Families

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Gift Ideas for Healthy Families One of the 5-Love Languages is gift giving. Some people are naturally very good at giving gifts—they see perfect gifts wherever they look. Others of us need help. If you (like me) need some help coming up with non-clutter/junk gifts for healthy families, you will be excited to scroll down. Also, check out last year's post featuring healthy gifts under $20. Time Ok, so you can't exactly give the gift of time, but [...]

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July 2018

Screen-free parenting for an entire month? What happened when we tried it.

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Screen-free parenting for an entire month? What happened when we tried it.Last year, I was feeling guilty about one aspect of our home environment: our dependence on screens.It felt like the kids were always either on a screen or asking about using one. The time limits were vague and based upon how my husband and I were feeling. Videos, tablets, iPods, and screen-games were incorporated into every single day.I felt frustrated with the boys' growing dependence on screens. [...]