August 2020

Count to 5 When You Feel Stressed

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Count to 5 When You Feel Stressed Stress is part of life. Feeling "stressed" is not. This is a super quick and effective way to lower your stress. You use this for yourself and teach it to your kids. Products I use to reduce stress. These are affiliate links. I would recommend them to you even if I didn't get anything in return. They are excellent! [...]

September 2019

Super Simple Suppers for When You Are Not Sure What to Make

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Super Simple Suppers for When You Are Not Sure What to Make My kids insisting on eating multiple times every. single. day. Yours too? I’m not going to lie. Sometimes I (half-jokingly) suggest that everybody fast for a meal. My kids never go for that. Enter the smoothie. Smoothies for Supper Smoothies in my house normally show up for supper on Saturday evening. I’m tired. I usually do most of my office-work on Saturday, so I’ve been busy [...]

March 2019

10 Spring Cleaning Hacks That Will Save You Time and Energy

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10 Spring Cleaning Hacks That Will Save You Time and Energy Ahh spring. Fresh air delights our senses. Bright green leaves and buds start popping out all over. And the urge to make our home a sanctuary of peace and life hits anew. Spring is a season of fresh starts and our houses need the airing out and clean feeling that is in the rest of the world. Back in the days of the pioneer women, spring was [...]

Late Night Cravings: How to Stop Evening Snacking

By |2019-03-05T21:25:01-06:00March 5th, 2019|Categories: Holistic Weight Loss, Whole You|

Late Night Cravings: How to Stop Evening Snacking Do you find yourself eating in the evenings even though you know you’re not really hungry? Nighttime eating is a major culprit for extra calories and weight gain. It can become something of a vicious cycle that you struggle to break away from but with the right mindset and tactics, it can be done. Here are some top tips for stopping late night cravings and snacking. What are the triggers? [...]

February 2019

How to Count Calories to Lose Weight

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How to Count Calories to Lose Weight What we eat matters for our weight and overall health. How many calories we eat makes a difference. You cannot live a sedentary life, eat massive amounts of food each day, and expect to lose weight. So how do you count calories to lose weight? Calories In and Calories Out The old formula developed over 100-years ago calculates your weight, height, and age to come up with how many calories your body [...]

How Can I Eat Healthy?

By |2020-06-16T17:09:09-05:00February 1st, 2019|Categories: Holistic Weight Loss, Whole You|

Back to the Basics How to eat healthy is easily one of the most overwhelming questions you can ask Google. There are so many different theories and trains of thought on this topic. Everyone thinks they are right because they know what worked for them. But you are not everyone. You are YOU. You are unique. What worked for your friend might not work for you. Let's talk about how you can eat healthy. What does it look [...]

January 2019

Holistic Energy Tips for Exhausted Moms

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Tired, Exhausted, and Looking for Healthy, Holistic Energy There are almost 30 million posts on Instagram tagged #tired. Almost 200K are describing #tiredmom. As a generation of mothers, we are tired. We are running on fumes. We are exhausted. We need more energy and it needs to be real. No chemicals or temporary fixes. Tired. Exhausted. Dragging. Does that describe you? You need holistic energy tips that work and I've got a bunch for you. These are tips that are [...]

December 2018

What the Oak Tree Can Teach Us about Letting Go…and Uncovering Our True Self

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What the Oak Tree Can Teach Us about Letting Go…and Uncovering Our True Self Guest post by Michelle DeRusha This guest post is by author, Michelle DeRusha. She is releasing a new book, True You Letting Go of Your False Self to Uncover the Person God Created, on 1/1/19. It is a perfect book for the new year! I had the honor of pre-reading it and highly recommend the book. I'm excited to share this post from Michelle so [...]

Do You Want to Get Better?

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Many women I talk to dream about losing some weight. They long for more energy. They desire to be healthy role models for their kids. All of these are possible. The question is: Do you want to get better?

November 2018

Boost Your Happiness by Giving Thanks

By |2021-05-03T22:05:21-05:00November 21st, 2018|Categories: Spiritual Health, Whole You|

Boost your happiness by giving thanks What would you rate your happiness right now? If you had to pick a number between 0 (super depressed) and 10 (ecstatic) what would you give your happiness? What would it feel like if you could bump that score up by TWO without doing anything crazy? It is pretty simple! To boost your happiness by 2 points, give thanks. Most of us can do much better in this area. In fact, less [...]


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