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Karen A., 28-Day Holistic Detox

I had three main goals for doing this detox:

  1. Get my blood pressure under control. I succeeded. Now in the mornings, my blood pressure is 110/74 – 115/78. It was 140-150s/90. I feel much better about that.
  2. Help with my memory and struggle to find words which I was really having issues with; scary issues—trying to find simple words like water or coffee. It was happening lots of times during the day; it got to the point where [my husband] was finishing my sentences for me. That’s not happening anymore. Maybe like three times a week I’m looking for a word.
  3. I wanted to lose at least 3 or 4 pounds and I lost 7 pounds.

Bonus: I was very scattered, I wondered if I was getting ADD. Now I feel more focused. I feel like if I have a plan for my day, I go and tick off everything. I feel accomplished at the end of the day.

Jan T., 28-Day Holistic Detox

I’m getting better sleep and I think I have less severe migraines as a result. I normally felt like I was always either fighting something, starting something or getting over something. It used to be if I had one bad night of sleep, I was overrun with illness. I haven’t gotten sick-sick in months.

J.K., Private Coaching

My primary goal was to kick my sugar addiction. I am SO happy to say I did it! I woke up today with tons of baked goods all around. (My mother-in-law is here and has been baking and cooking all week!) I had a shake for breakfast (I always do) and wasn’t even tempted to break into the zucchini bread, cake, apple crisp, or other goodies. I will have dessert today, but the desire wasn’t overwhelming like it normally would be.

As far as my stats: I lost 2 pounds and over 1% body fat. I’m happy with those numbers! (But I’m super thrilled about the breaking my need for sugar.)

B.Z., 5-Day Reset

I’m feeling drastically better; mind, heart, body, everything! Really. I’m feeling drastically better! I love these visits. You are so encouraging and uplifting!

Private Client, Private Coaching

I went to a center for Nutritional Education. They cost $1000 and they just taught me how to eat. That’s just one part of what you are doing.

K.J., Private Coaching

I’m feeling better! I’m not complaining of being tired all the time.

L.J., Group Member

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you doing this with me … I feel much better. It was life changing—it really was.

J.T., 28-Day Holistic Detox

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