Count to 5 When You Feel Stressed

Stress is part of life. Feeling “stressed” is not.

This is a super quick and effective way to lower your stress. You use this for yourself and teach it to your kids.

Products I use to reduce stress.

These are affiliate links. I would recommend them to you even if I didn’t get anything in return. They are excellent!

Essential Oils

Our sense of smell is very powerful. Smells go directly to our limbic system which controls our emotions. I love Edens Garden’s Anxiety Ease blend which you can buy individually or in the amazing “De-Stress” set of essential oils. Buying something for your child? Look at their “Calm ‘Em Down” synergy blend.

Hemp CBD

Hemp CBD has been shown in research to be helpful for those with anxiety. One study concluded, “anxiety scores decreased within the first month in 80% of the patients and remained decreased during the study duration.”

My kids and I use Envoi Botanicals Hemp CBD.