The #1 concern I hear from women thinking about transforming their health is if they will need to give up their Diet Coke (or Dr. Pepper, or coffee.)

Listen to my answer in the video below. (Spoiler: it’s up to you.)

“Have to”

Let’s break this concern down. First, “have to.” As a Holistic Health Coach I want what is best for my clients. I want them to transform their health. (After all, that is what they are paying me to help them do!) However, I am not a dictator. When someone is forced to do something they don’t want to do, the work is difficult and results are not usually long-term.

Forced Change Doesn't Stick

Can you think of times in your own life this has been evident? For me cleaning is an easy example. When I am inspired (and going batty with the mess) I can do a deep-clean with some fun music and enjoy the progress. When it is just another thing on my to-do list, I often give into the temptation to do the least amount of work to just check it off. Can you relate?

Health is the same. I want my clients to transform their whole health. There are five pillars we look at which give my client many ideas of small changes they can make for big results. Nowhere do I say “you have to do xyz.” My clients choose what to work on.

“Diet Coke”

Many of my clients come to me saying “I don’t feel like myself anymore” and “I’m so tired all the time.” Of course, when you are dealing with either of these issues, you turn to something to give you a boost. Caffeine fits that bill for many. (Join my free private Facebook group to watch this video about other mistakes women make trying to feel better fast.)

My clients come to recognize that this caffeinated beverage they love so much is a bandaid over a much deeper problem. When we can uncover the root of the problem of lack of energy, my clients can take proactive steps to recover their vitality and spark. Because they have focused on the cause, they often find out they don’t need that crutch of caffeine.

“Can You Help Me?”

Do I have to give up Diet Coke?

After trying a variety of things to transform their health (or weight) and not finding long-term success, many women are afraid to hope. They tell me their symptoms (fatigue, excess weight, headaches, etc.) believing I’ll turn them away. I don’t.

After 15 years in the Emergency Department as a nurse, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen everything. Nothing shocks me anymore. Whatever your complaint is, I’ll listen.

Western medicine leaves people in a constant state of fighting pain and illness because it only deals with 1 or 2 of the 5 pillars of health. You have to balance all 5 pillars otherwise you’ll have recurring health problems.

I work with my clients to discover their health potential. We work together so they can transform their health. Sometimes, they even choose to give up Diet Coke in the process.

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