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Each of the following product or resource has been carefully chosen to help you implement the tips in the workshop. They are listed in the order presented in “15 Ways to Keep Your Family Healthy this Flu Season.”

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Don’t Suppress Your Immune System (Tips 2-4)

Breaking up with sugar

Decrease Sugar

The 5-Day RESET™ weight-loss jumpstart program is a simple approach to help you make a clean break from the effects of unhealthy foods and jumpstart healthy eating habits.*

Every day, simply replace three meals with a delicious and nutritionally balanced Nutrimeal™ shake, take your HealthPak™ and USANA® Probiotic supplements, eat whole-food snacks, exercise, and practice healthy lifestyle habits.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

7 Strategies to Soothe Stress in 60-Seconds or Less

Decrease and Manage Stress

Imagine feeling the weight of your stress lift in less than 60-seconds. In this guide, I will share seven simple strategies that will help you immediately soothe stress.

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Support Your Immune System (Tips 5-7)

Jumpstart into Refreshing Sleep and Rest

Improve Your Sleep

Designed for the exhausted mom, this free Jumpstart into Refreshing Sleep and Rest will ignite your energy without relying on a brew, patch, or juice. Imagine waking up each morning refreshed and full of energy and vitality.

In this free 5-day email series, you’ll discover simple solutions to create refreshing and revitalizing sleep. After this jumpstart, your morning coffee/tea can be a treat instead of the only way you can find energy for the day.

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Cellular Resources for Supporting Your Immune System (Tips 8-9)

15 Ways to Keep Your Family Healthy this Flu Season multivitamin


We all have gaps to fill in our micronutrient consumption. That’s where the CellSentials from USANA come in. The USANA® CellSentials™ start you off with the crucial micronutrients you need to be your best.

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Avocados provide healthy fats

Healthy Fats

Omega-3 fatty acids play an important part in many body systems that contribute to optimal health. BiOmega™ offers a convenient way to get these valuable nutrients when you’re not consuming enough fish. Plus, this unique formula includes an extra dose of vitamin D and lemon oil to eliminate fishy aftertastes.

This button will take you to my affiliate shop. Select the adult BiOmega or the children’s BiOmega Jr. (My kids say that the adult ones are “slippery” and go down very easily despite their size.)

Care for Your Gut (Tips 10-12)

Eat fruits and veggies for fiber


Nuts and seeds are great sources of fiber, protein, and healthy fats. I have a scoop of chia seeds every morning in my granola or smoothie.

A diet rich in fruits and veggies will also help you get the fiber you need.

Probiotic Foods & Drinks

You can make your own yogurt, kombucha, and kefir quite easily at home. Yogurt is simple if you have an electric pressure cooker and there are many tutorials online.

My kids love water kefir. I flavor it with some 100% juice—about 1 cup of juice added to a quart of finished kefir. I got my grains from a friend, but you can also find them (and many other types of starters) from Cultures from Health.

15 Ways to Keep Your Family Healthy this Flu Season probiotics

Probiotic Supplements

When you don’t get enough of something through your diet, you can supplement. I mentioned 3 types of probiotic supplements in the workshop.

If your probiotic colonies have been depleted through antibiotics:

For daily or weekly maintenance:

For kids and includes beta-glucans:

Equip Your Body (Tips 13-15)

15 Ways to Keep Your Family Healthy this Flu Season tip 13

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is in some fortified products (like milk) but according to The Vitamin D Council, we cannot get enough from our diet in the winter months. They recommend that adults get 5,000 international units per day for adults and 1,000 international units per 25 pounds for kids.

15 Ways to Keep Your Family Healthy this Flu Season tip 14

Beta Glucans

From the website: Fortified with the InCelligence Beta-Glucan Complex, this unique formulation lets you tap into your cells’ natural protective abilities and combines with zinc to support healthy signaling between your immune cells.

Honey Fermented Garlic

Bonus Tips

The honey-fermented garlic is super simple: peel some garlic and add honey. Follow this tutorial. Here are some other things I referenced:

Uh-Oh! When Illness Strikes (Bonus Tips)

Essential oils

Essential Oils

With all the essential oils on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? Thankfully, Edens Garden has a blog post helping you decide which blend to pick when you’re experiencing a cough or flu symptoms. Edens Garden is my EO company of choice. Their oils are rigorously tested and meet the highest standards possible. All of their oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade.

The Ultimate Resource

Esther Yunkin, RN, Holistic Health Coach

Holistic Health Coaching

Your health shouldn’t be overwhelming or burdensome. You are on the go and impacting others every single day. As a mom, you are shaping the health patterns of your children: mind, body, and spirit. Discover a simple path to health so you can exude energy AND pass on a lifestyle of health to your children.

As an independent Holistic Health Coach and an RN, I help exhausted moms discover a simple path to health and energy so they feel great about who they are—inside and out! When mom implements simple healthy habits, she changes generations.

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