What is Holistic Health Coaching for Women with Hashimoto’s?

Helping women diagnosed with Hashimoto’s to find hope, healing, and energy without becoming overwhelmed with all the “shoulds” of an autoimmune disease.

Holistic Health Coaching might be right for you if:

  • You want to feel like yourself again.
  • You need the energy you used to experience.
  • You experience pain daily or frequently.
  • You have excess weight you want to release for good.
  • You want to make healthy changes.
  • You suffer from unexplained symptoms.
  • You have a new medical diagnosis and want to understand it better.
  • You have been told you are at risk for certain diseases and want to focus on prevention.
  • You feel stuck in your health or wellness goals.
  • You want someone in healthcare to recognize you are a whole person and discuss your health as it relates to The Whole You.

Your health is made up of thousands of tiny choices in spirit, mind, body, and diet. Through holistic health coaching, you will discover simple changes that can make a big difference in your health.

You will feel heard and you will feel valued as a whole person. Your journey and story matter.

By working with a Holistic Health Coach, you will find a simple path to health.

Clients lose weight, gain energy, decrease their average pain rating, and develop attainable and sustainable holistic health goals.*

Discover a simple path to health and gain control of your own well-being with a Hashimoto’s Health Session.


  • Gain holistic health tips so that you can transform your health
  • Discover energy
  • Lose weight
  • Develop a personalized kickstart plan to growing your health with Hashimoto’s
  • Set yourself up for health recovery and maintenance

How it works:

  • No commute! Face-to-face coaching using Zoom.
  • Schedule one session or buy a bundled package.
  • Sessions include holistic education, encouragement, accountability, and goal-setting.
  • Access to private and secure messaging between visits is available for those who purchase a bundle.
  • Clients who invest in a bundled package receive a complimentary coaching app to support your progress. (Coaching app is $47/month without a coaching package.)


  • First coaching session: $97
  • Additional coaching sessions: $97 or discuss a bundled package during your session.

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Start Your Journey to Health today!

Through holistic health coaching, you will develop a simple path to true health.

Past clients and group members share their experiences:

“I wanted to take my own health and life seriously. Instead of building healthy habits, I was kind of like a pinball machine. I needed to focus on me and my overall wellbeing. I knew I needed help and guidance to create new routines. I needed more than a friend saying we’d support each other where six months later we’d be like ‘how are you doing.’ I needed follow-through and accountability.

“Working with Esther was easy. I was not just reading a book or a blog, this was personal. I really liked the spacing of our sessions; I had time to think and implement what we had discussed. It gave me a sense of living not just daily tasks. Holistic health coaching was like training wheels for healthy living. I developed a pattern of consistency in my thinking and healthy habits. Now that I’ve had the training wheels, I can ride! I achieved my overall goal of learning to take care of myself by building healthy habits and creating intentional and purposeful days.”

-Mary, Private Coaching Client

Battling overwhelm and google-itis?

You are not alone.

“I start looking at stuff and then I don’t even know where to start!” – Prior to starting, one client expressed this frustration. At the end of her coaching sessions, she expressed gratitude that Esther could sort through all the research and studies and then present it in a simple and actionable fashion. This  enabled the client to easily determine the best next step in her own health journey.

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The best thing about working with Esther was having someone else to hear what I’m saying—listening without judgement or thinking about what tests or medications to order.

After working with Esther as my Holistic Health Coach, my stomach is not rolling, roiling, and so angry. My bowel movements are normal. I feel less bloated and my pants are looser.

Judy, Private Coaching

I’m getting better sleep and I think I have less severe migraines as a result. I normally felt like I was always either fighting something, starting something or getting over something. It used to be if I had one bad night of sleep, I was overrun with illness. I haven’t gotten sick-sick in months.

J.K., Private Coaching

I went to a center for Nutritional Education. They cost $1000 and they just taught me how to eat. That’s just one part of what you are doing.

K.J., Private Coaching

I’m feeling drastically better; mind, heart, body, everything! Really. I’m feeling drastically better! I love these visits. You are so encouraging and uplifting!

Private Client, Private Coaching

I ran into somebody this week who commented on how good I look and how thin my face has gotten. I am very encouraged and I want to thank you for your encouragement along the way and for everything that you do. I couldn’t have done this without your encouragement!

J.T., Multiple Programs

I’m feeling better! I’m not complaining of being tired all the time.

L.J., Group Member


* Disclaimer: The Holistic Health Coach cannot guarantee results. The coach is an educator and guide. The client accepts and agrees that the client is responsible for her own progress and results from the program. Coaching recommendations are scientifically-based and there is a likelihood of positive results when the client participates with the wellness plan. Typical clients experience a healthier weight, more energy, less pain, and sustainable health goals.

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