Hello and Welcome! I’m Esther 🥰

Esther Yunkin, RN Holistic Health Coach

It is my mission this month (October 2020) to help 100 women. Can I help you?

2020 is somewhat of a curse-word right now. It’s been a tough year.

That is an understatement.

Women are breaking. The weight of 2020 and all that is going on is crushing many of my friends. They are feeling stretched-thin. In physical health they are experiencing dis-ease and increasing weight. Mental health is suffering under stress, expectations, and tension. My friends are even feeling eroding spiritual health as fear, distrust, and angst try to invade each day.

At the beginning of October 2020, I was talking to God about my goals for the end of 2020. I asked Him what He thought about my goal of helping 100-women by December 31, 2020. To me, it was a great goal. God whispered to me, “why wait? Why take three-months? Let’s do it in one month.”

Therefore, it is my mission to help (at least) one-hundred women this month.

What do I mean by “help 100 women?”

Over the course of October, I will listen. During our 20-minutes together in your “2020 Wellness Breakthrough” zoom session, I will listen and help you discern what you can do next to create true wellness.

To me, true “wellness” is synonymous with “shalom.” Shalom is a whole-person peace. It encompasses body, mind, and spirit.

Shalom: Wellness for the body in safety, health, and prosperity. Well-being for the soul in contentment, tranquility, and rest.

I know you are busy. That’s why I believe keeping whole health practical so that moms can create a simple path to health. I know that when mom changes her own health, the health of the whole family improves in a domino effect.

It is my mission this month to help 100 women. I would love to help you.

Schedule your free 20-minute 2020 Wellness Breakthrough right away; these spots are going to fill up quickly.

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