The Whole You Holistic Health Coaching

28-Day Program for The Whole You

Holistic Reboot

Simple Strategies to Release Weight and Create Better Health Fast

Esther Yunkin, RN, Holistic Health Coach
The Holistic Reboot is your 6-week simple path to health!

Social distancing and self-quarantine are impacting each one of us slightly differently depending on many factors such as if you can work from home, if you have kids at home, and your introvert/extrovert status. But we all have one thing in common:

We can all use a “Holistic Reboot.”

I often see exhausted moms who are trying to create a healthy lifestyle amidst their too-busy-to-add-anything-else days.

Right now, especially, we need good health for ourselves and our families. We need energy to last throughout the day. And we want to come out of this pandemic with a healthier weight.

I believe in whole health—mind, body, spirit, diet, and environment. As a busy homeschooling mom of 4-boys, I believe keeping whole health practical so that moms can create a simple path to health.


That’s what you’ll find in this 28-day Holistic Reboot.

In this group coaching program, you will discover how to implement daily habits of health. In doing so, you will gain better whole-health: body, mind, spirit, diet, and environment. You will also release weight. (Side note: I don’t usually say “lose weight” because I don’t want you to find it again!)

  • How would it feel to be confident that you are living a holistically healthy lifestyle and giving your immune system better fighting power?
  • What if you could create a culture of health you are proud to model for the next generation?
  • How would it feel to have an expert (an RN, Holistic Health Coach, and homeschooling mom) guide you through the next 4-weeks?
  • What would you feel like if you had enough energy for each day?
  • What if you learned tips to release weight that do not involve “diet and exercise?” (Yes, they DO exist and you’ll learn them in this program!)
  • What if you could do all this without any “weird stuff” or hype?
    • YOU CAN!

Is this program right for me?

This group coaching program is just what you’ve been waiting for if:

  • You are worried about your health and the health of your family during this pandemic.
  • You want to use the time of “social distancing” to implement better health habits in yourself and your family.
  • You want to lose the weight and not have it find you again.
  • You want to incorporate your mind, body, and spirit in this journey.
  • You’ve heard “diet and exercise” over and over and over, yet the weight still clings.
  • Your health is impacting more than just you—it is affecting your family as well.
  • You are ready for a change!


The program starts on Monday, March 30, 2020. Here is what you will receive as a member of this group coaching program.

Holistic Solutions for Releasing Weight and Creating Better Health video

($143 value)

2 group zoom video calls including dedicated Q&A time with Holistic Health Coach, Esther Yunkin

($300 value)

Printable calendar and daily guide

($19 value)

Private group with support from like-minded (new) friends

Total value: $462

(Plus, of course, the incalculable value of your health!)

Your cost: $199

Due to the current pandemic circumstances, I am dropping the regular price by over one-hundred dollars!

Your cost: $97


This group coaching program begins on Monday, March 30, 2020

28-Day Holistic Reboot

Simple Strategies to Release Weight and Create Better Health Fast