Simple ways to avoid migrainesI couldn’t miss work again.

I couldn’t afford another migraine.

I didn’t have any sick leave available and if another migraine hit that month our budget would be in trouble. Because my migraines affect my vision, it wasn’t enough to take medications to dull the effects, I had to prevent it entirely or call in sick.

As a Holistic Health Coach, I teach my clients that you are a whole person—you aren’t just a physical body. There are five-pillars of health: physical, emotional, spiritual, nutritional, and environmental. They are so entwined that a change you make in one will affect the rest.

Simple Changes to Prevent Pain

I knew I could look at my own migraines the way I help my clients look at their issues. I knew I could find simple changes to implement that would prevent my problem and allow me to work my scheduled shifts which would help us pay our bills.

I did it! I was able to identify what my own triggers are. (Hint: they aren’t the same for everyone! Mine were a combination of nutritional, physical, and environmental.) I was able to work the rest of that month … and the month after that … and the month after that. In fact, I’ve cut my migraines down to about 10% of their former frequency.

Like I said, I help clients with preventing pain and illness. I created a simple system so that people could save on medical costs and have the energy and vitality to live a healthy life with the ones they love.

Migraines Are Expensive

Migraines cost $77 Billion each year. Yet only 12% of people receive preventative treatment.Migraine sufferers spend over $41 billion treating their entire range of conditions. That’s not including the healthcare and lost productivity costs associated with migraines in the US—another $36 billion every year!

The worst part of those numbers (and they’re pretty bad) is that every dollar spent represents pain and suffering of a fellow human being. That is a lot of pain. That makes my heart ache for each person. If you landed on my page because you suffer from these nasty headaches, know that you have my sympathy and empathy. I am sorry for your pain.

Only 12% of people who suffer from migraines ever receive preventative treatment. Did you do a double take? I did. I just cited $77 BILLION in the above paragraph. … Why aren’t our medical professionals making prevention a top priority?

Only 12% of people who suffer from migraines ever receive preventative treatment. Why aren’t our medical professionals making prevention a top priority?

Why can’t traditional western medicine see each person as more than a list of physical symptoms waiting for a pill? Not everyone is seeking a pill for when the pain hits. Most of us want to prevent the pain from striking in the first place.

May I Help You?

Are you at a similar spot where you know there is more to your health than just physical symptoms? Are you are sick and tired of being sick and tired? Have you been to your doctor and read all the advice online? Maybe it’s time for a new approach. Perhaps mine.

I don’t want to waste your time. You’ve already sat in enough waiting rooms with little to show for it. Let’s talk for about 20 minutes. I will be totally honest with you and let you know if I can offer a perspective you haven’t tried yet.

Want to take me up on it?

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Simple ways to avoid migraines

Simple ways to avoid migraines