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The free weekly podcast where the exhausted mom can find a path to whole health.

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This is the Health with Hashimoto’s podcast where exhausted moms will discover a path to whole health.

I am your host Esther Yunkin. I am a registered nurse with over 20 years of experience.

I grew fed up in the emergency department, where I saw people get short-term bandaids to chronic problems, so I went back to school for holistic health.

Now I help overwhelmed moms discover simple and sustainable solutions without getting overwhelmed.

This show is for you if

  • you have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis whether your diagnosis is new or you’ve had it for decades.
  • you have a family history of Hashimoto’s but you do not want to develop this autoimmune condition yourself.
  • you are overwhelmed by all the information available online and looking for a trustworthy source with tips that are both simple and sustainable for a busy woman.
  • you know that your health is more than physical.

When I talk to you about your path to whole health, I am referring to the choices, you make daily in five areas:

  1. body
  2. mind
  3. spirit
  4. diet
  5. environment.

I know you’re busy; I do not want to waste your time with fluff so let’s jump in!

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