Your Whole Health: When One Part is Missing

What is one simple thing for YOU that could change everything?

Only you can answer that question. The answer might vary widely between different people. Do you know what it is for your whole health?

The Whole You

The Whole You LLC

Why do I utilize a 5-petal flower for my logo?

Because every single aspect of you matters. If any single “petal” is missing, the whole picture isn’t right.

I put one petal for each of the five pillars of the whole you: body, mind, spirit, diet, and environment. The flower would be noticeably broken if one of those petals was missing.

It’s the same for your health. Each pillar (or petal) is crucial for the whole you. For the man I talked about in the video above, it was the temperature of his room. While moving to another room didn’t provide a miraculous cure to why he was in the hospital in the first place, it did allow him to relax and become a team member in his care instead of fighting every. single. thing.

What is it for you? Is there a simple change that could transform your health? Often we don’t know. We can perhaps see it in someone else, but when it’s ourselves, we are blind to it. We need outside help. We need a coach or guide.

Not Just Diet and Exercise

Many, many health coaches talk extensively about diet and exercise. Those things are important. But they are not the whole picture! The whole you is comprised of your body, mind, spirit, diet, and environment. Each of those “petals” need to be healthy and strong—not just diet and exercise. You might be surprised to find out that sometimes diet and exercise are not even what my clients need to work on first!

That is one thing that sets me apart as a Holistic Health Coach (other than my 17 years as a nurse; that’s pretty unique, too!) is that I help you with your whole health.

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Your Whole Health: When one part is missing it impacts everything.